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Catalyst Peptide Serum

Catalyst Peptide Serum helps prevent and repair Sunburn!

Apply 5-7 drops prior to going in the sun and repeat every 3-4 hours. If you anticipate prolonged or intense exposure, additional protection with Shade is recommended.

More details here >

Anti Aging / Wrinkle Eye Cream

Refresh - Eye Cream

Refresh lightens dark circles, reduces puffiness and smoothes fine lines. Read more...

Refresh PM - Eye Cream

Working while you sleep, Refresh PM hydrates and protects the delicate skin around your eyes. Read more...

The eyes are more than windows to your soul – they’re also the start of your beauty. Osmosis promotes the health of the skin surrounding your eyes with Refresh and a nighttime equivalent, Refresh PM. Osmosis Skin Care – science seeking beauty, day and night!

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